Publicity Photos

PoS_Publicity_MarieOnCurbMarie (Kerrie Lendo) in Pictures of Superheroes (photo by Tate English)

PoS_Publicity_MarieAndJoeMarie (Kerri Lendo) and Joe (John Merriman) in Pictures of Superheroes (photo by Tate English)

Eric1Eric (Shannon McCormick) in Pictures of Superheroes

Behind the Scenes Photos

PoS_KerriCameraBTSFrom left to right: Cinematographer Nathan Smith, Kerri Lendo, Writer/Director Don Swaynos (photo by Tate English)

 PoS_KerriScriptBTSKerri Lendo (photo by Tate English)

PoS_KerriShannonBTSShannon McCormick and Kerri Lendo shooting a scene (photo by Tate English)


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