Written & Directed by
Don Swaynos

Produced by
Tate English, Don Swaynos, Kelly Williams

Executive Producer
Caroline Connor

Cinematography by
Nathan Smith

Kerri Lendo as Marie
Shannon McCormick as Eric
John Merriman as Joe
Byron Brown as Phil
Chris Doubek as Gil
Kat Ramzinski as Marie’s Neighbor
Danu Uribe as Susan
Paul Gordon as Kyle
Reese Merritt as Justin
Sonny Carl Davis as Mr. Lamar
Andy Ritchie as Jimmy Burnett
Kelly Williams as Mike
Frank Serpas III as Eric’s Client
Tim Serpas as Eric’s Client
Kelli Bland as Waitress
Vincent Van Horn as Waiter
Brand Rackley as Employee / Victim #1
Jeff Guerrero as Employee / Victim #2
Sam Eidson as Bill
Heather Wallis as Katie


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